Shiprock is one of those unique destinations that is sought out by photographers and UFO hunters alike. It is a quite remote formation that is only accessible via dirt road. Be sure to only try to access the formation via the gravel / dirt road that approached directly from the south. We did it in a minivan, but would've felt a lot more comfortable in a four wheel drive vehicle, especially if it has recently rained or if rain is in the forecast.

This photo was taken from the east side of the formation with the Nikon 70-200mm lens. I didn't do anything too crazy, just tried to show off the formation itself.
I took this photo because I really liked how the clouds were shaping up. This photo was taken from the east with my 18-105mm Nikon kit lens; at 18mm. It shows the isolation of the formation and also the storm that was coming in from the south.

It is good to note that moving the horizon from the center of the photo (as is my habit) tends to create a nice affect. The trick is picking the correct foreground, midground and background elements of the image.
Shiprock, A Little Bit Closer (From the Southeast)

Similar to the above picture, just take a bit before the afternoon thunderstorm moved in. Again, I really like the clouds that were moving quickly across the sky and the shadow patterns they create on the desolate pla
The Road Less Travelled

The storm was getting closer. In this photo, taken from the east of the formation, you can see the dirt road that we travelled from Shiprock to the highway. This is the road I would highly recommend against taking. There were multiple points where I thought we were going to be stuck. And that isn't to mention the closed gate at the end of the road (that was luckily unlocked).

As in the previous two photos I really liked the clouds. Of note is the polarized filter I used on the 18-105mm Nikon kit lense. This filter gives the clouds a much more dramatic and realistic presence in the photo
Shiprock, Close-Up (from the South)

This is a close - up shot of Shiprock from the south. When you get this close you can really notice the si
Shiprock, Hidden Black Rock (From the SouthWest)

This is the view of ShipRock from the SouthWest. You can notice the dark lava rock in the middle of the formation that Shiprock appears to be guarding like a
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