Tent Rocks

Tent rocks is another geological wonder that kind of sneaks up on you. The scenery is like nothing else around, and is well worth the 1.5 mile hike from the parking lot to the top of the hill.

The vertical photo on the left was taken of a log that was blocking the path and a large tent rock in the background. I really like the overall composure of this photo and the twisting red orange bark on the tree in the background.

The landscape photo on the right is the traditional view from (near) the top. The crevice I'm looking over is the hiking path that you come up. This is a HDR image, 7 photos combined to bring our the tones in the sandstone that make up the tent rocks themselves.
Choco Culture

Choco Canyon is a very neat location. It is a remote valley that you can only access via a long gravel road. The road can vary in condition and I would recommend a car / truck that can easily handle washboard gravel roads.

The photo's on the right were of the largest remaining kiva. There are multiple other structures that are in some state of standing, but as usual time did not permit seeing them all.

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